The Queen of Balthazar – 11/14/10

3026 words.  2 complete scenes and one partial.

The Bodyguard smells food and finds his way to the mess hall.  The POW officer in charge of the cell block is ticked off that the Bodyguard is there (he had his goons handcuff the Bodyguard in his cell block in the last scene.)  A fight ensues and the Bodyguard kills one of the officer’s goons and disables the other.  The other inmates cheer the Bodyguard on.  Then the guards show up with their guns and the Bodyguard, not thinking clearly, attacks and gets taken down. 

He wakes up in the infirmary where he meets a captain who actually outranks the POW officer in charge but through some shady dealings, the captain got shuffled away from the cellblock.  The captain notices the King’s Own Guard tat on the Bodyguard which indicates that the Bodyguard was guarding the bodies of the royal family.  The Bodyguard is pissed because he’s been trying to keep anyone from realizing that.  But now, the powers that be have realized his secret and noticing that he’s awake, a bunch of guards take him out to be questioned.

Brutal interrogation scene is partially completed.

I’m going back in time and picking these scenes up.  I want to know what happens in them and how things unfolded before I continue with the story where I’m “at.”


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