The Queen of Balthazar – 11/15/10

2024 words.  I’m at 29447 words at the halfway point of Nano.

The Bodyguard gets tortured and divulges information on the whereabouts of the Princess.  Except that he lies a little bit here and there and hopes that throws them off.  (And she didn’t go where he told her to go, anyway.)   They throw him into a small dark hole and leave him there for a couple of months.  Then they pull him out, clean him off, and throw him back in his cell.  The Captain he had met in the infirmary is now the POW Officer in Charge and commands that the Bodyguard be taken care of.  When he’s better, the Bodyguard goes to the Captain’s office to thank him and the Captain asks the Bodyguard to repay his debt by infiltrating a group planning an escape and spying on them.  Which doesn’t make the Bodyguard feel right.

Some of this was done just straight up pantsed and I got some really cool twists set up.  I’ve got some nice betrayals and reverses in the near future.  And I haven’t even started on the main storyline through here with the Princess and her Fleet and then the Queen and her machinations.  I swear, this book is going to end up 500,000 words long.


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