20150117 — The Best Laid Plans…

It is hilarious to read my plans from the last post.

After getting Loathsome Tales out (buy it on Amazon)-you KNOW you want to buy it immediately-I started to work on Lord Gartan’s Book. But then I started thinking about it. I really wanted to do The Necromantrix, which is a story about Gartan getting to Windhaven, but losing the book to some local girl. And that local girl being turned into an evil force. This happens immediately after the end of Loathsome Tales.

I started exploring my characters, trying to figure out who did what, why they did it, what I wanted to say with them, and I got enamored of the PREQUEL to that story, the story behind the motivations of a character that, at the time, I was calling Inare. After fiddling with it a bit, though, I changed his name to Caldane.


I also wanted to release something else, soon, and this was getting to be a kinda long novel. So I dropped all of that and wrote the first draft to…


This is a Science Fiction novelette. This is the main character from my Macbeth Station story, but much earlier in her life. I learned a lot about her writing this story, and I lurv her.

But then Nano hit and out of the blue, I plotted and started working on Caldane. I wrote 50,000 words on that story. Most of them while we were in Spain looking for a new home. (Yeah. I’m moving to Spain.)

So I finished up Vile Money-Grubber, and got that beta-read and edited. And it’s on Amazon now.

And now I’m back to working on Caldane.


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