20140729 — About To Publish


Yeah. Well. So. After that last post… so… long… ago…

I worked and worked and worked through Holly’s Series expansion for the Ventus Fortuna stuff and… then… I worked through it for the old Windhaven stuff… and I started THINKING about it for the Macbeth Station/FountainCorp stuff…

On like 6/27 or 6/28, Holly said “OK, GO!”

Instead of writing Ventus Fortuna, I went with Windhaven. I wrote almost 30,000 words from scratch of a book that had only partially been planned.

Now… I’m waiting for a couple of beta readers to get back to me with their issues and I should have this thing out.


That’s kinda crazy.

For the next book, I’m going to do the Windhaven-world prequel to Gartan’s Book. Then I’m going to revise Gartan’s Book and get that out.

My plan is to release the Prequel in September and then Gartan’s Book in November.

I want to put Ventus Fortuna off until I get some time to go through some classes on life in Republican Rome. The first set of stories I want to write for that are all set in that time period and I don’t want to mess up any of the actual historical facts of it.



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  1. Watson, email me please. Dyanne


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