20140608 — Itching To Write





Go forth, and write.


Since the last update, I’ve been spending most of my time going through the How To Write A Series – Expansion worksheets and working primarily on Ventus Fortuna.  I’ve been doing tons of research on the time periods and cultures of that time.  I’ve got a basic time frame laid out:

1.  Ventus Fortuna comes together when some Spartan refugees (who were going to Taranto to help found that Greek colony — actual historical thing) were blown off course (Fortunate Wind — Ventus Fortuna) and crashed on the Italian coast by the river Tifernus where there’s a small fishing village.  This is Iron age stuff around 700-600 BC.  This stories in this book will be about the clash of the Italic and the Greek cultures as well as the mystery of the Standing Stones and the creation of the Magic Pools.  I’ll have Greek and Frentani characters.


2.  The Samnite Wars:  Ventus Fortuna is a Frentani port/fishing village and the Frentani are Samnites.  The Samnites unite to fight against the Latins who are trying to take over.  The Samnites enlist the aid of the Etruscans and the Gauls but they still get crushed in 3 different wars (these wars are Actual History).  My stories will take place in the third of those wars and will feature Ventus Fortuna as a staging point for the Samnites prior to a big battle on the Tifernus (actual battle history).  After the battle, the Romans will come in and sack Ventus Fortuna and pretty much obliterate it.


3.   The Second Punic War:   Unlike the rest of the Samnites, the Frentani supported Rome against Hannibal and Carthage.  My character, Septimus Cloelius Seneca, will convince Rome to allow him to rebuild Ventus Fortuna as a major port on the Adriatic.  (There is recent archaeological evidence that Termoli was a major port at the same place where I’d put Ventus Fortuna.)   This leads to issues with the Samnites as well as Carthage.  Seneca will deal with all of that (rebuilding the city, defending it, and leading it) while trying to deal with his 10 year old son, Spurius, who has been acting very strange since his wife’s brutal death on the horns of a bull.


4.  The Battle of Zama:  Spurius, now into his late teens, is tapped by a powerful Roman General, Scipio, to join the legion and become his “bodyguard” after Spurius uses his “gifts” and saves his life in Ventus Fortuna.  Spurius handles the magical side of the Battle of Zama where Carthage was ended as a major power and the Roman General earns the name Africanus.  Spurius, unfortunately, sacrifices himself and winds up in Hell.  With his unborn brother protecting him.


5.  The Return:  Spurius hears of a plot against his father and fights his way out of Hell to help protect him.  But then, he learns the real story behind his parentage and the reason why Venus, disguised as a bull, killed his mother and his unborn brother.  And then there are the battles against Bacchus and the Persians and Spurius is again tapped by a Scipio to help.


6.  The Fall of the Republic:  Not sure what’s going to happen here but Julius, Pompey, Antony, and Cleopatra provide a great backdrop.


I’ve also finished a couple of short stories that I had started prior to this.  I’ve created a list of short stories that I’ve started in various workshops and my plan is to go through and write a little each day on these while I’m not technically writing on HTWAS.




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