20140518: Status

My goal with this blog is to use it for a semi-bi-weekly status report/update.

I’ve got a “daily” status in the WABWM (Write A Book With Me) threads over on Holly’s site as well as a daily status/plan in a Scrivener project.  

I got my format for my daily status/plan from the daily status report I fill out for work.  I write a brief blurb describing the previous day’s events: a header that says “Yesterday”, then a list of things I had planned to work on, what I actually did (if anything), and then things I hadn’t planned on working on, and what I actually did.  Beneath that, I write down “Today”, a list of things I’m planning on doing broken down by project.  This keeps me focused.

I’ve tried several times to use the Outlook Task Manager in conjunction with a Priority field to put things into the sequence I want to work on them but I never seem to keep it current.  But with this Daily Status, it’s just something I fill out pretty much as soon as I sit down at the computer each day.  On work days, I fill out my work status and then my personal status.  That way, it’s just a set routine.

I just looked back at my previous entry and saw that I’d already mentioned my daily status.  smh.

Anyway, in the past couple of weeks, I have somehow re-found my writing groove.  It has been pretty awesome.  I love when this happens.  From 5/12-5/16, I wrote 30495 words in Lord Gartan’s Book.  I’m about 5-6 scenes away from The End.  At which point, I’ll set it down, let it rest, and then take it through HTRYN and hope for the best.  The book is going to end up around 50,000 words total.

So the question is going to be what to write after that.  I’d hoped that we’d be further along in the HTWAS-E (How To Write A Series – Expansion) class over at Holly’s so I’d be able to sit down and start writing more stories for my various series.  But we’re not quite there, yet.

I’m going to have to figure out what to work on next, whether to finish up some of the Fortuna short stories I’d started, whether to re-visit The Farmer’s Boy/Infernal Influences as the last book in the Windhaven series and finally put it through HTRYN, whether to begin work on FountainCorp, or go back to Macbeth Station.  And then there’s The Queen of Balthazar.

On a personal note, I think the bizarre flu thing that knocked Audrey and I out for all of April is finally gone.  (Knock on Wood.)  I was able to start lifting again this past week but I had to keep it very, very light: 225# squats, 135# bench presses, 115# power cleans.  I’m playing with the idea of competing at the AAU Nationals in powerlifting this November.  I haven’t competed since 2004 at the Worlds.

Also, a thread on Holly’s site made me start to think about re-visiting the story that started it all, a comic book about an illegal, genetically-engineered shapeshifter in space, trying to live a normal life.  I could maybe incorporate that into the FountainCorp universe.  I created a test picture of the hero.



Oh, and on that front, I’m debating whether to upgrade my 3D software.  Right now, I mostly use Daz Studio (freeware) to create my characters, Hexagon (freeware) to model anything special I need, and Vue (decidedly not freeware) to do most of the rendering, especially the outdoor scenes which it is AWESOME at.  The picture above was done in Daz with the stars added in GIMP (freeware.)  I also have Carrara, which is not freeware, and it’s kind of a jack-of-all trades, master-of-none software.

I’m considering whether to upgrade to Poser, which is like a better version of Daz, or Lightwave, which is a super-duper upgrade BUT I’d have to continue to create my characters in Daz and then import them into Lightwave.  But Lightwave has some great features and it has a built-in modeler that’s better in many respects than Hexagon.  It’s like an upgrade of Carrara.

In a perfect world, I’d be able to use Lightwave with Vue.  But to do that, I’d have to upgrade my version of Vue to something more expensive.  I got the medium range “artists” version of Vue (which is around $700) but that version doesn’t have the links to Lightwave.  I’d have to get the $1600 version for that and I don’t see an upgrade path.  😦

One of the reasons to go with Poser ($500) is that it has better links to Vue and it has “rooms” for creating cloth and clothing.  OTOH, there’s is an AMAZING program called Marvelous Designer that is made specifically for making clothing.  I’m dying to get that.

I’ve just been going around and around in my head, wondering which one I’d get the most use out of and the most benefit from.  But.  I’ve got to keep myself from following the rabbit down that rabbit-hole and getting drawn away from actually writing.


2 Responses to “20140518: Status”

  1. You seem to be so organized with all your projects! As much as I strive to stay on top of things, I usually end up just winging it until I finish something. 🙂
    Congrats on all those words for Lord Gartan’s Book!

  2. thepencilneck Says:


    I’m just trying to bring my work “process” over to my writing.

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