OK. And Then There’s That


I haven’t posted here for quite a while.  I was thinking about moving my blogging to my new website (that I haven’t really set up, yet.)

But looking at this blog, going back to the beginning, reading the things I was working on, how I was attacking them, well… it’s been eye-opening and disheartening.

I’m still working on the same books.

I’m rewriting Lord Gartan’s Book right now.  From scratch.  Again.  The story is nothing like it was when I started this blog back in 2009.

I’ve got The Queen of Balthazar on the backburner, waiting to be worked on.

I feel like I’m a much better writer and a much better 3D artist.

Nowadays, I have a Scrivener project called How To Write A Novel.  In there, I have notes and ideas from various classes (Holly’s classes, lots of Savvy Author classes, various books by James Scott Bell, Todd Stone, etc.), story ideas, step-by-step ways to come up with ideas for stories, how to plot them, how to create characters, how to write, how to revise.

And I’ve also got a daily Status Report where I write down what I worked on from the previous day and what I’m planning on working on that day.  And every day, I grab the list of things I planned to work on and write down what I did and then create the list for the next day based off of that.  It keeps me focused a lot like this blog used to when I was trying to do the WABWM all alone after Holly abandoned that when she started getting migraines.

I’ve discovered Coursera and I’m taking a ton of courses, which kinda eats into my writing time.  And I’ve bought a few Great Courses videos: how to build sentences, life in Pompeii, ordinary life in ancient times, the history of languages, etc.  But I’m learning a lot and I think it’s informing my writing.

I’m going through Holly’s HTWAS-Expansion and after reading most of Write! Publish! Repeat!, I’ve mapped out several “funnels” using collections of short stories and novels and novellas and that fits in with what Holly’s trying to do with both the HTWAS-Expansion and her Ugly Baby courses.

So hopefully, I’ll have something completely my own self-published before too long.

Oh, and my wife is planning on us retiring to Spain.  So there’s that.

And here’s a little Alien World art to leave you with…




One Response to “OK. And Then There’s That”

  1. I wish I was better at keeping track of where I’m at with each project especially because right now I’m trying to assess what I should work on next.
    And– I’m still working on a lot of the same books I was writing in 2009 as well!
    So, Spain? Not a bad plan! It’s beautiful there. 🙂

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