20130816 — All Things In Moderation


I’ve got to write a short story about that picture.  I just wanted to test some new stuff I bought and quickly slapped this all together in Daz Studio and… I kinda love this character.


Anyway, through some strange series of events, I’ve found myself back on Holly Lisle’s forum as a moderator.  It’s actually good to dive back into her way of doing things after taking some time to experiment with other people’s terminology and concepts.

A lot has changed, though.

I’m trying to read through the How To Think Sideways — Ultra and I’m going through the Flash Fiction course (which has some epically great writing techniques that apply to more than just Flash.)  But… my main focus is getting through my revision of Lord Gartan’s Book.  I’ve got the scenes all re-shuffled to their correct locations and placeholders put in for the missing scenes but I’m finding that I have a tendency to just re-write scenes from scratch; most of the scenes just have too many tweaks to re-use the old material.

After I’ve got all the scenes written, I’m planning on taking it through HTRYN-Ultra.  And one of the other moderators has volunteered as a beta-reader.

I am right at the first plot point in my revision.



2 Responses to “20130816 — All Things In Moderation”

  1. It’s nice to see you back at the forums, and you’re doing a great job as moderator. 🙂
    Happy revising!

  2. thepencilneck Says:

    Thanks! 🙂

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