20130731 — What? Where?


I am not dead.

I am here and I’m writing and I’m creating art and doing all that fun stuff.  I just haven’t been posting.

And I haven’t been posting on any writing sites.  Not Holly’s site or Savvy Authors or anything.

I took The Queen of Balthazar and I set it aside.  I wasn’t happy with where it was and how things were working.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the story and I love the characters but things just were not right.

I started using Dramatica and it’s cool.  Gives you great ideas.  I tinkered around with a new story for a bit but I decided that my main focus should be on finishing a book.  But which book?

How about the first one:  Lord Gartan’s Book.

I put that through Dramatica.  I worked up a new outline, fixed some plot-holes, got some things working better, and I’ve started my scene-by-scene revisions now.

Last night, I wrote just over 1000 new words of a re-worked scene.  I’m introducing the Thief’s mother and his relationship to her earlier in the book and allowing him to have several interactions with her instead of a single scene like in the first few drafts of the book.  But the dialogue didn’t flow right and I wasn’t getting enough tension and drama in the scene.  So I’ll re-work it some tonight.

But I can’t leave you without SOME sort of artwork.  I’ve done a lot since the last time I posted.  I call this one “Stillness.”  I’m thinking about writing a story around it and possibly animating it.



One Response to “20130731 — What? Where?”

  1. It’s cool to see that you’re still around and working on a story!

    Revision is a bear, I know, but getting it right will be worth it. Even though I’ve written a few more stories since that first one, that one still haunts me. I haven’t given up on it either. 🙂

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