20130415 — What? Where?

I’ve been working really hard but I was feeling like I was just spinning my wheels with The Queen of Balthazar revision.

I decided to start working on a new story.  Something totally fresh by going through the new Ultra HTTS that Holly’s putting out.

And… I did something… I… well.  I read this article: http://storymind.com/articles/page11.htm

I’ve looked at Dramatica before and even looking at a couple of the videos on that site, I got the feeling I get from looking at a crazy person’s manifesto.  They’re trying to explain something and creating terminology and concepts and equations and whatnot and it’s all just made up and the longer they talk, the more divorced from reality they become.

But then I downloaded the Dramatica Graphic Novel.  And they had like a checklist of things to go through when you’re trying to figure out what’s wrong with your novel or how to fix it.  And.  I asked those questions of The Queen of Balthazar.  And had a massive epiphany.

So I bought Dramatica.  I’ve been working with it the past couple of days.  It’s been AWESOME working on both books… and looking at revising Lord Gartan’s Book, too.  I’ve still got a long way to go but I feel energized and ready to go.

Oh, and I’ve done a few pictures while trying to come up with story ideas…





But the winner is this guy:





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