20130317 — A Crisis of Resolve

I got depressed.  I was ready to throw the whole Queen of Balthazar novel out.  Or at least, let it sit on a shelf for a few years.

I had taken a workshop with Cathy Yardley on Revisions.  One of the class assignments was to create a scene “chart”.  Basically, it’s a spreadsheet that has a scene by scene breakdown of:

1)  Who the POV character is

2)  What their GMCD is.

Because of the current state of my novel — and I warned her about this — I gave her the scene breakdown of the last “complete” version of the book.  This is the version I turned in to Devon in her Savvy Author class.  I’ve worked on the revision A LOT since then including 3 other scene breakdowns (in various states of repair) but none of them I’ve felt totally confident in.

As I was creating that scene breakdown, I was just shaking my head.  It was so bad.  It was a complete mess.  But I turned it in.

On Thursday, I got the spreadsheet with her notes back from her.  There were several things in there that really were no longer applicable because she’d noticed things that I hated myself and had already set about changing.  But she said a couple of things that really got me and got me hard.

First:  Alicia’s supposed to be all about planning but I don’t really ever show her planning.  I don’t show her coming up with her schemes, and so it looks like she’s just lucky (at least from the viewpoint of an outline.)  

Second:  Why on earth would a bunch of salty sea-dogs follow the commands of a 19 year old girl?  I mean.  Really?

Great damned points.  The Wench.  So I sat down and got depressed about writing in general.

And.  I.  Think.  I’ve. Got it figured out.

So THERE, Cathy Yardley, so THERE.



One Response to “20130317 — A Crisis of Resolve”

  1. Indeed,
    ‘Why on earth would a bunch of salty sea-dogs follow the commands of a 19 year old girl?’

    Why on Middle Earth would a bunch of hardened warriors, wizards and magical elves choose a humble hobbit to deliver the ring to Mt. Doom?
    The answer will make an awesome story!

    I think you might be closer to the ultimate solution than you think. 🙂

    Hang in there.

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