20130312 — 25 Years

25 years ago today, I was busy getting married to a beautiful red-haired princess in a little stone chapel in Houston.  Still married, same girl.

I’ve been busy, busy, busy.  I’m in a “humor” workshop this month.  I’ve revised a couple of scenes with her techniques and… they RAWK.  Very funny stuff.  I had taken a workshop with this one teacher and she REALLY wanted me to take a specific workshop of hers… so much so that she’s let me in the class for free.  Very cool.  So I’m in TWO classes this month even though I’ve got 0 time for it.

Work.  So insane I can’t even say.

But I’m slogging along in my revision, working out the scenes.  Cheryl, whose storyline I’ve struggled with mightily, is apparently working very well as a non-POV character.  It’s allowing me to keep the focus while still keep her elements of the story.

In those free moments when I’m not writing, or I need to do something else while I’m working something out in my head, I’ve been creating pixors.  And for some weird reason, I got into a Dune mind-frame.

The Arrakeen Girl:



And the Sandworm Rider:



One Response to “20130312 — 25 Years”

  1. Congratulations on your anniversary!
    I loved Dune. I keep meaning to read them all again. 🙂

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