20130217 — Wow, That Long?

I’ve been busting ass at work.  I’ve been working at the same place for 9 years now.  And up until this year, I was the Super Star, the Go-To Guy.  If you needed something done, you came to me.  The owner loved me.

But.  Over the past year, I single-handedly had to rewrite a huge chunk of our software, get it certified, and then get it released.  It was one of those projects where they don’t ask you how long something’s going to take, they just say “Get it done by such and such date.”  And  the people I needed to test what I’d done didn’t have time to test it and decided to just put it out there for the world to use.

And they found bugs.  And they blamed me.  So I’ve been working extra hard the past few weeks to get everything cleaned up.  I’ll probably be working extra hard for a few more weeks to come.

So if I miss a day’s entry, that’s probably what’s up.

I have, however, been continuing to work on the revision of Queen of Balthazar and working through Cathy Yardley’s (Rock your Revision and a Revision Plan workshop I’m taking now) process.  I am, of course, incorporating some of Holly and Todd Stone’s stuff into it.

Tonight, I provided the plot points for the protags.  I’m feeling good about these.  It merges the Maid’s story about the alien tech with the Princess’ story about figuring out who assassinated her friend and killed her family.  So those stories feed off each other now instead of being two different things.

Oh, and once I had my covers all worked up, I had no desire to do any artwork.  I just wanted to rest and relax.

But tonight I felt like throwing something together and got this…



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