20130214 — Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day!

We actually celebrated last weekend.  We went out to a nice dinner.  We saw Django Unchained and Argo.  Great stuff.

I got some feedback in my Revision Class.  Like everyone in the world including me knows — I’ve got a lot of focus issues in the story because Alicia is the main protagonist but Cheryl is really the twist.  The instructor said, “She’s like she’s from a whole other book.  Have you thought of making her the main protagonist?”  

I’ve thought about cutting her ENTIRELY.  I actually created a whole new outline without her in it.  And the story works that way, but it doesn’t have the science fiction POP I’m looking for.

So last night was just me looking at XMind and chasing my tail writing down all sorts of other options and ways to attack this.  I looked at making her the main protag, at removing her, at changing who she is, at changing her role to be more of a mentor role.

In Yardley’s class, one of the things she’s hammering home is that all of your protags have to have a complete set of plot points: inciting event, first plot point, midpoint, second plot point, black moment, and resolution.  And that’s been a big problem with this story.  Cheryl’s story line has always been incomplete.  She starts off as an important part of the story and then basically disappears until I need her at the end again.

I’ve got to figure this out.


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