20130212 — Revision Class

I worked late again tonight but thankfully, not as late as the past few nights.

I posted two assignments and began work on the scene chart for my latest revision.  I took the last outline I had created and I’m working from there.

I’ve decided to put the technology theme back in because without it, this is just an action/adventure without the added dimension to drive it into hardcore science fiction.  And I want this in the hardcore science fiction realm.  I think it gives the story more surprise and pop.

So what I’m doing is I’m looking at the scene chart for the first book and I’m going to come up with a prospective scene chart for the end of this book and compare them.  I really like the concept of Alicia being taken and somehow her noble blood literally unlocks something in the inner workings of the cathedral.

I also want to bring the underground rail system (which I cut) back into the story.  When I was looking at the first revision, that was an element that was very cool but totally unexplored.  I had set it up well but I think I need to coordinate it with the Council of Magic storyline (that I flirted with and dropped.)  

I might add some prologue scenes but I might not.  And I’m thinking about having Fidel be THE assassin.  He kills King John and his family, gets on an underground train, and then goes to where Alicia is and tries to kill her.  That could tie some things together.

So that’s where I’m at tonight. 


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