20130209 — An Early Start

Yesterday, I worked late.  When it came time to write, I was just not feeling the lurv.  And my black cat needed a lap.

So all I did was identify the correct version of the book I’m revising so I can create my Scene Chart for the workshop I’m taking, fix it so that the section that was in the wrong place is actually in the right place, and right down all my scene titles in sequence to make sure it was all there and looked right.

It’s odd to look back at that version.  I’ve been tweaking things for so long now, I’d almost forgotten what I’d started with and why I liked it.

It is painful to see some of the motivations of the characters and some of the huge gaping logic flaws without immediately jumping on them, though.

Oh, and I’m going to have to work tonight so… blech.


One Response to “20130209 — An Early Start”

  1. You do know that what you can see, you can fix, right? A nugget of Holly wisdom there. One that I often need to keep me afloat as well. 🙂

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