20130206 — More covers and a Scene Chart Start

Most of last night was working on my covers for the cover class.  Got a lot of good work done on that but still some tweaking to do.  I re-shot and re-arranged the Queen of Balthazar and the Shadow Hunter’s Son covers although they’re still essentially the same.  And I added text to An Evil Influence.  Not sure if this is quite right…




In my revision class, we got an assignment to do what she calls a “scene chart” which is basically a list of all the scenes in the book with GMCDs along with POV character listed.

Creating that is fairly easy for me because of how I work in Scrivener but I’m still going through manually and putting it into a spreadsheet.  I’m also doing it for my 2nd revision pass and my latest pass.  My 2nd revision pass has all the scenes written; my latest pass, not so much.  The latest pass includes a serious re-thinking of character motivations and plotlines.


2 Responses to “20130206 — More covers and a Scene Chart Start”

  1. I like the title text. The font is appropriate and the orange/red color ties everything together. Thing is, I didn’t notice the creature in the fire until I read your previous post. Then I saw it. Otherwise, I like this cover a lot!

  2. thepencilneck Says:


    I’m going to take a look at how I can make the devil in the fire more obvious. I might need to add some darker, more distinct colors to his skin. I’ve also got him set with a fairly high transparency to blend him in. I might have overdone that.

    Thanks again!

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