20130205 — Excuses, excuses


I’m taking a class on Revision on Savvy and a workshop on making book covers at the Heart of Carolina Romance Writer’s website.  I know.  Me?  


Last night, I dinked around a little bit on my revision but mostly, I just looked at what I had and thought.  I’m trying to find a way to weave the technology back in without disturbing the basic story I’ve got now and make it so that the technology is what saves Alicia.

But mostly, I worked on my covers.

I spent most of my time re-doing my old Evil Influence/Farmer’s Boy artwork.  Seen here:

ImageThe original had been done in Daz.  Then I did a second version in Daz.  And last night, I moved the whole shebang over to Carrara and re-did it once more.  I’ve got a question about whether the girl’s jawline is too masculine, about whether the creature in the fireplace is obvious enough, and if Baran (the half-orc boy hero) is half-orcish enough.

I also created some quick mock covers for The Queen of Balthazar and Shadow Hunter’s Son with some artwork I’d made over the weekend.

The Queen of Balthazar:



I’m going to tweak the image a bit more.  I’m not sure about that font for my name but… whatEV.

And Shadow Hunter…

ImageI’m going to add more police in the background.  You can’t even see the ones that are there because of the lens flare.




One Response to “20130205 — Excuses, excuses”

  1. I had a big old smile on my face when I saw your name on the bottom. What a great writer name! So easy to remember, and unique at the same time. You’re lucky that it’s your real name! I’m digging the Courier font as well.
    As far as the Evil Influence cover, I can’t really discern the girl’s jawline all that well, but I’m not seeing it as masculine. The creature in the fireplace seems subtle enough to me. I was drawn to it immediately, maybe because such a bright fire is menacing in itself!

    Great work on these!

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