20130202 — Kill your darlings

Damn, damn, damn.

The part of the story that’s been tasking me the most has been the integration of the Maid’s story (which is the Technology subplot) with the other stories.  I’ve been turning myself into a pretzel over this.  It’s the one thing in my story that makes it a science fiction story.

I love the maid.  She’s a great character and she provides me a steady window character for the princess.

But I’m cutting her from the story.  With Cheryl gone, the assassin can become one of the Grandmother’s hired guns.  Instead of Alicia’s mother’s betrayal being giving Alicia to her OPPONENT to get him to leave Balthazar, Alicia becomes payment to the High-King of Garrethis for supplying his light cavalry.

The story becomes a helluva lot tighter this way.




One Response to “20130202 — Kill your darlings”

  1. This has got to be the hardest part about revision–letting go of what doesn’t work for the story, even though you love it.
    I have a few of those myself. I’m still glad I wrote them, though.

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