20130201 — Lady Theresa and Serious Machinations

I wanted to get this blog post out early before I get heads down with work, like I did yesterday, and don’t get to post until it’s eating into my writing time.

I love the modifications to Alicia’s story but I’m still not comfy that the ending is all that it can be.  I was thinking about working on Momo or Cheryl’s story but I worked on Lady Theresa’s story last night.

Lady Theresa is Alicia’s maternal grandmother and in many ways, she’s the prototype for Alicia and Katarina.  When I was writing the first draft, she had a minor role right at the first plotpoint and then basically disappeared from the story.  In the second draft, I didn’t make any major modifications and just added a mention of her later on in the book.

While working on this third (and most major) revision, she expanded and she’s in the process of morphing.  Instead of being this sad, bitter old woman sitting around mourning the death of her children, she’s much more involved in the story.  SHE’S the one who ordered King John and all of his offspring (including Alicia) killed.  She’s the one behind all the plots.

Now, let me step back, the whole Queen of Balthazar story development started a LONG time ago.  I wrote the zeroth draft of this during Nano.  (I don’t consider it the 1st draft.) A lot of the story is the same or similar but the setting is totally different.  But one thing, the Traitor Queen Katarina being freed from prison as a side effect — an UNINTENDED consequence, if you will — of King John’s assassination, has existed from that original draft and was something I wrote unplanned and a desperate attempt to add some sort of twisty something to the story.

What I realized last night was:  What if this wasn’t an unintended consequence?  What if Lady Theresa (who I thought was thinking that Katarina was dead) planned all of this as an attempt to put the Traitor Queen, her dearest, youngest daughter, on the throne of Balthazar as well as a way to exact her revenge on these people? As soon as she found out where Katarina was being held and as soon as she could raise enough money and pull enough strings, she busted her daughter out of jail and gave her daughter a mercenary army and removed as many of the obstacles from her daughter’s path of succession as she could.

The story starts with Alicia witnessing the assassination of her room-mate and her search for the person behind this nefarious deed.  The end has to include Alicia learning that Lady Marcia died because of Lady Theresa’s machinations and Alicia has to bring her to justice. The showdown has to include something between Alicia and Theresa.


2 Responses to “20130201 — Lady Theresa and Serious Machinations”

  1. What’s especially interesting to me is how this has grown to be a contest between the women in the story, as well as what (if I remember correctly) a story of a woman finding her place in an army consisting mainly of men.
    (correct me on this if I’m wrong!)

  2. thepencilneck Says:

    The way this story has changed over time is kinda crazy. The same thing happened to Lord Gartan’s Book. This story started off as pure science fiction about the princess of a Star Kingdom who had runaway and started a new life. When someone decided to take over the star kingdom, they decided to get rid of all the heirs and they tracked her down.

    That morphed into her being there at the time of the takeover and escaping. And the main thing was this young girl trying to prove herself and gain respect from the men. BUT as I was writing this, her mother “created” herself as I was writing and became the main antagonist when I wasn’t looking.

    That morphed into a steampunk/sailpunk version.

    And then I needed to shelter her somewhere when she was running away from the assassins and the worst possible place I could think of was her Grandmother’s estate. And then from there…

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