20130131 — Re-revision

Since I had some ideas from the previous couple of nights, I sat down to take a look at my Throughlines, 2-page, and 5-page summaries to see how they needed to be tweaked to fit in with my new ideas.

I sat down with my main character, Alicia.  I created a new template for creating the throughline.  It has the basics from Holly’s PACTS approach but I also added Jodi Henley’s BMGC* lines.  And one little place to just write down the bones of the story.

* OK. So.  Everyone knows the GMC approach (Goal->Motivation->Conflict).  But to me, the order feels wrong.  So I switch it around and put Motivation first.  What Jodi does is put BACKSTORY first.  So it becomes:

The BACKSTORY that provides the MOTIVATION for the character’s GOALS and the CONFLICT (internal and external) that they encounter because of it.

Anyway, I sat down with my main character and just jumped in with both feet.

I wrote out her backstory and how I wanted that to provide motivation for her.  I wrote down how all of that gave her the goals she has through the majority of the story and the conflicts that leads her to.  But when I started to write down the “bones” of the story, I found myself in a semi-Holly-Monastery feel.  I just started asking myself “what happens next” and “and then what” and “what would she REALLY do”… and the first half of the story remained largely unchanged although with a few more assassination attempts.

And then she took a different path, a path that felt more organic with her motivations and backstory, and that led me to a slightly different ending.  I kept in mind that I didn’t want her to have a separate resolution of her two main storylines/conflicts.

But I don’t have it completely worked out.

That’s my goal tonight.  To get that part of the story, the end, worked out.  Although I might leave it and see how my subplots for a couple of other characters have an influence on the ending of her story.


One Response to “20130131 — Re-revision”

  1. It’s so interesting how Holly’s revision methods can be combined with other techniques to create your very own process.
    Good luck with your ending!

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