20130130 — Scratch on the Eyeball

I worked until about 10:30.  My eye had been bothering me all day.  I scratched it somehow when I was sleeping, I think.  When I transitioned from my work computer to my personal computer, it started bothering me a lot.  

So I did something I haven’t done in years.  I listened to music and fantasized.

When I was a teenager, I’d spend almost every evening in my room with my headphones on listening to music and fantasizing.  Sometimes I’d be thinking about music, sometimes I’d be thinking about whatever story I was reading, and sometimes I’d imagine myself in a story.

So I went upstairs, sat in my comfy chair, and turned on Pandora.  I rocked with my eyes closed and imagined myself as my characters acting through their roles in the scenes that I’m stuck at.  

I imagined Alicia entering the Temple (with that musty-woodsy smell of old cathedrals and the creak of the huge doors) to meet her mother for the first time (since she testified against her at trial) with the hopes of a reconcilation… and seeing her mother seated with the Priest-King of Garrethis by her side.  I imagined Fidel the Demonhunter ranting at Alicia about the abomination of merging man and machine as she’s locked in her cell and Momo shooting Fidel in the head.  I imagined Momo requesting retirement from Captain Terrence’s service in return for his delivery of Alicia to them safe and sound, and it being approved… which allows him to do what he wants and save her.  I imagined Alicia now facing the combined forces of her mother and the Priest-King and the people of Balthazar rising up in outrage.

It was pretty cool.

And then I realized that one of the reasons my eye might have been hurting worse with my home machine is because I use a white background instead of the dark backgrounds that I use at work.  The brightness was brutal.


2 Responses to “20130130 — Scratch on the Eyeball”

  1. I actually do a lot of what you describe–imagining the story when I’m not able to write. When I’m doing yard work, driving to my job or falling asleep it’s fun to think about my story!
    In fact, these little interludes are a huge part of why I write. In stories, whether I’m reading them or writing them, I get a break from ordinary life. Music is a huge part of being able to create that. 🙂

  2. thepencilneck Says:

    Damn. I thought I’d replied to this.

    I do the same thing. I fantasize the story during the day when I’m doing things that don’t require my attention. This is why I don’t read a lot anymore because all those little gaps and spaces during the say when I used to read, I’m fantasizing about my own novels now. But I don’t just sit and listen to music anymore. I need to start doing that again.

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