20130128 — Past the Midpoint

Yesterday, I decided on how Alicia was going to free her crew — she’s going to confess and when the guards exit the room, she’s going to use her lockpicks to get them out.  I filled out my outline past the midpoint.


Although I cut the whole Gods thing, I did find a way to introduce it more subtly with Cheryl getting injured and Alicia taking her to a temple to get medical attention.


And the following picture has nothing to do with anything other than that I was really pleased with it…




2 Responses to “20130128 — Past the Midpoint”

  1. That picture has amazing use of the negative space, and that’s a positive! Anything with wings, and I’m in. 🙂
    Nice work in the planning as well.

  2. thepencilneck Says:

    Thanks, I love that picture. It was a test render of some stuff I just bought. Unfortunately, I closed the project without saving it and lost everything. I’ve still got the female model with the wings and the temple but I lost the texturing of the sword, the posing, and the lighting. I was going to re-arrange the vines and move her over the altar.

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