12/21/2012 — The End of the World

We put our house on the market earlier this year. Having people show up to look at the house and everything threw me out of my schedule a little bit. Some of the people complained that our house was “too formal” or “too eclectic” and that they couldn’t see their furniture in our house. So our real estate agent suggested a Stager. The Stager re-arranged and re-organized our place.

Part of that re-organization was moving me out of what had been my office for 7 years into a back bedroom. That totally discombobulated me. It was harder to concentrate. It was hard to write. It was hard to work. And I was supposed to be revising The Queen of Balthazar and by that time, I hadn’t really developed my revising chops. I didn’t feel like I was making much progress. I was very frustrated.

And then holy hell hit at work, just to add insult to injury.

We got a buyer for the house but they put all sorts of contingencies on the sale and offered us a lot less than we wanted. Since we weren’t getting a lot of other nibbles and wanted to get out, we sold it at that lower price. The sale, which normally takes 30-45 days, took 60 days. So it was a long and painful process and we were never really sure it was going to go through until the final day of closing.

We found a nice townhouse to rent. The plan was to get all packed up over Thanksgiving and then move the first Monday after with the final close on that following Friday. My brother-in-law, an ATF agent, passed away the day before Thanksgiving. That was hard to deal with — it still boggles my mind — but we still had to move and deal with all that stuff.

BUT.  I really love the new place and I feel more like myself here.  I think I’m starting to settle into a groove even though we still haven’t gotten everything unboxed.

I’ve been juggling revising The Queen of Balthazar, pre-writing Medal of Valor, and doing artwork for the stories.

I took a couple of workshops on Savvy Authors and after talking to a couple of the instructors, some things dawned on me.

1. The Queen of Balthazar might be too complicated. Trying to mix the Heroine’s story with a bunch of other subplots is just too much especially since the Heroine’s story is interesting enough to stand on its own. So I’ve been looking at whether I can cut the Maid’s story line and modify the Sergeant Major’s story line and still have the story work. The Maid’s story could be a whole other novel.

2. Lord Gartan’s Book has been sitting out there gathering cobwebs when it might be the story closest to being done. One of the instructors had me write a couple of sentences about each of the books I had and she said that it sounded like LGB needed to get finished. So I started looking at revising that. I’ve been reading it over again for the first time in a year and a half and I do love this story. The writing, otoh, is absolutely atrocious. It needs a couple of revision passes so bad it’s ridiculous.

3. I need to put Medal of Valor and Shadowhunter’s Son on the shelf and let them stew awhile. MOV was starting to make me re-think Shadowhunter’s Son. I mean… SERIOUSLY re-think it.

4. I’m thinking about upgrading the software I use to create artwork. Right now, I’m only using free packages. And it works OK. I mean, I’ve created some fantastic pieces of art with it.


BUT. I’ve been thinking about pulling out my old rock and roll CD that I recorded 13 years ago when I was a guitarist in LA. I’ve been seriously considering looking at creating some animated movies for a couple of the songs on the CD and putting them up on iTunes or something. I was talking to my drummer about creating an animated band similar to Dethklok and putting that out there. I’ve also been thinking about the REASON I started getting into the 3D artwork… to help me visualize the scenes and sets in my novels. I can use the free software to do all that but I could also spend about $1500 and have the same software they used to do the CGI on stuff like V and Firefly. I mean… it’s just $1500… and it’s a helluva lot more powerful than what I’ve been working with.  I think I could create even better work with it.

So that’s where I’m at with life at the End of the World.


4 Responses to “12/21/2012 — The End of the World”

  1. Even though I know that we writers are a resilient sort, it is always heartening to see that you’re still at it! I’m liking the clarity you seem to have on your various projects– something I should look into.
    I really need to check out Savvy Authors!

    Have a great holiday, and a happy New Year! 🙂

  2. Season’s Greetings. Good luck with editing Lord Gartan in the new year, and completing your other current projects.
    I look forward to reading them all when they are published. 🙂

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