Status Report – 20120902

It’s crazy how easy it is to lose track of time.  My last update was almost 2 months ago.  I’m still nowhere near finished with the revision of The Queen of Balthazar.  I’ve got a lot of work to do on that.

It’s weird because with writing a draft, I have a process that I follow.  I can see the progress being made and I feel good about it.  When I’m revising, I frequently feel like I’m slogging through mud and not accomplishing anything.  Considering the fact that it’s been a couple of months and I’m not done with The Queen’s revision, maybe I’m NOT accomplishing anything.

So.  I haz a sad about that.

I took the past couple of days off from the revision.  My year-long class with Devon over at Savvy came to an end on Friday.  In that class, I said I’d write a new first draft over the next 3 months.  So the past couple of days, I’ve been kicking around some novel ideas that I’ve had.

AND creating some concept art for the characters to see which stories really called to me.

The first idea was really something I was considering doing a short story about.  It’s about a character who’s kinda shifty and shady but he turns out to be trustworthy.  It’s a space-punk story about a guy scrabbling to make a dollar while bouncing around the galaxy and the delivery of some medical supplies to an outlying colony.  Here’s the lead:


I’ve been thinking about calling him Mono-Cole.  Or at least making that his nickname.

Another story — and a picture that has been hounding me — relates to the backstory of one of my Shadowhunter characters: Sheriff Dorethea Ohmie, a one-time Martian Marine.  At first I thought this picture was from the Shadowhunter novel.

ImageBut this isn’t any actual scenes from Shadowhunter.  Now I’m wondering if it’s from this story: Dorethea, a young and idealistic lieutenant, becomes a hero after leading her troops to victory in a bloody battle.  But in the process, she learned things she wasn’t supposed to know and becomes the target of a Senator’s smear campaign.  Can she survive the next suicide mission?

The title:  Medal of Valor.

And finally, I had an idea for a story a year and a half ago for my first Savvy U course.  I didn’t write it for either of the Savvy U courses I’ve taken because… I knew I wasn’t a good enough or polished enough writer to do the idea justice.  It’s a fantasy novel set in a very D&D-like, medieval sort of world.  There are two main characters:  A Prince driven from his homeland by his brother’s machinations and now living as an itinerant knight looking for something to believe in and a blind Princess, shielded from the world by her father because she’s obviously been touched by Chaos.  Her mind and her thoughts and her perceptions of reality bounce around in the timestream trapped in a spell cast to keep her from using her gifts of prophecy against Chaos.  There is a prophecy involved, of course, about the Lynchpin in the Defense of Order.  The Prince thinks it’s his homeland and it’s up to him to save it but in truth, SHE is The Lynchpin.

ImageI’m not absolutely positive I’m up to writing that, yet.  I’m closer.  I MIGHT could pull it off.

Of course, I haven’t pulled off anything, yet.  I’ve got to actually get a novel revised to a point I’m happy with it before I can say that.  🙂

So I’m leaning toward Medal of Valor at this point.


2 Responses to “Status Report – 20120902”

  1. Don’t be sad, Pencil Neck. 🙂
    I’ve found revision to be SO much harder than writing a draft! But I think if you look back on where you were before you started revising and where you are now in terms of your writing, you might find you’ve learned a lot.
    It all adds up.
    And about that story you’re not up to writing. Why not? Is there ever a story that’s not a little scary to start? Honor the Muse who placed such a succulent story on your plate, and give it your best shot. All your ideas are fantastic, but that one–an exiled prince and spell enchanted princess really made me pause. Wow.

    That’s all for now, I guess…
    The pictures are awesome! Thanks for sharing them.

  2. thepencilneck Says:

    Thanks, Kirsten!

    I just think that story with the Blind Princess needs a little more time to percolate. It’s really close, though. Handling her POV in the story is what I’m afraid I’d screw up and I need some more time to think about it.

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