Some New Pictures

Oh, hey.  What about some new pictures!?


This is a portrait of Alicia, the heroine of The Queen of Balthazar.  It needs some post processing to fix some things.

And this is Cheryl Moncrief, Alicia’s Maid.

This is a variation of what could be the cover of The Farmer’s Boy novel.

This picture could be the starter.  I don’t have a story for this.  I was just experimenting with a new thing I had bought.  They’re all actually wearing the same “suit”.  The suit has morphs that allow it to change into different things.  It’s really cool.

This was just a lighting test.  I took a class on how to light pictures and I tried to use the techniques here.  Still figuring everything out with lighting, though.  BUT.  This could be the main hero of that graphic novel I’m thinking about.


This could be the main hero of that graphic novel.   Or he could be the bad guy.  Not sure.  This was another lighting test but it was a test render before I added the Reality lights and started mucking with it.  The Reality stuff I did ended up all grainy and nasty.


2 Responses to “Some New Pictures”

  1. Wow–those are all beautiful and impressive. Beware the other arts–but wow!

    Glad to see you posting again. :)TX

  2. I almost missed the dude in the fireplace in The Farmer’s Boy, but when I saw him that was creepy. Great double take on that.
    Gorgeous, all of these!

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