20120617 — Lots o’ Stuff

A couple of weeks ago, Audrey and I headed down to Florida and stayed with some friends in their vacation home in Fort Myers for several days.  Then we came back and drove down to Austin for a wedding.  I’d expected to get a lot of writing in and got almost nothing done.

In the class I’m in, we had to give our revised books to 2 people for critiques and receive those people’s books, read them, and give them critiques.  Almost all of my writing time this past week was reading and critiquing.  They were both good stories and I learned a lot seeing books in that not-quite-ready-for-primetime state.

I got my critiques back on Friday.  In general, I got a lot of supportive feedback.  But I made some simple grammatical mistakes that are really embarrassing.  I’m not worried about the typos but I repeatedly screwed up plural possessives.  I’ve got to watch that.

I spent a lot of yesterday working out how I wanted to code some stuff for the website I’m building.  I also started creating “Portraits” of my characters, concentrating on The Queen of Balthazar because that’s the first site I plan to bring up.  Because of that, I got caught up working on the artwork more than I should have.  

I bought a new renderer a couple of weeks ago and it’s much more powerful than the standard.  It’s capable of some great images.  BUT.  I’m not good enough to use it.  My images come out grainy.  I’ve gone through the guy’s tutorials and those pictures ended up pretty good and I read through his suggestions for how to “fix” grainy pictures.  But he waves his hands at some things and assumes you know what he’s talking about wrt what constitutes “good” camera settings.  That’s the thing about that renderer, it acts like a real camera.  So if there’s a big dynamic difference between light and dark, you can over-expose some parts and under-expose others and the whole thing can turn into a mess.

Anyway, I only got about 500 words written last night on Shadowhunter.

I’m thinking more and more of a type of graphic web novel for an old story I wrote a long time ago.  That story would require me to do some 3d modeling and I’ve been toying with the idea more and more and more.


2 Responses to “20120617 — Lots o’ Stuff”

  1. Sounds as if you’ve had a much better few weeks than I did. And you should drop into the forums and perk the place up a little bit. There’s a new guy in HTTS that you’d enjoy–Papabear. Also some new folks in HTRYN, and the whole site has been overhauled. :)TX

  2. You sound like one busy writer!
    I’m looking forward to seeing the website. Is that one you’re setting up to promote the books?
    And I wouldn’t sweat the grammatical stuff, you’ll get the hang of that. As long as the story is meaty, there are lots of people who can help with the nit picky stuff.
    Sounds like tremendous progress. 🙂

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