A Few More Pieces

As I’ve been experimenting, I’ve been concentrating on depicting scenes and characters already written.

But this is also a great way (for me, at any rate) to come up with story starters.  Here are a few more examples of some test renders using the UberEnvironment…



That’s one of the villains from The Farmer’s Boy book.  That book is about to be renamed and I’m considering making finishing that my next project.  I made a lot of mistakes with this render.  I’ve got a lot of stuff that you can’t see.  when doing the Uberenvironment (or anything really) it helps to make stuff you can’t see invisible unless you’re wanting shadows from them.  In this case, I had a ton of things off camera and the render took forever.  Well, that and all that ivy on the wall.  The ivy was a killer.


This is a picture that I threw together just experimenting with skydomes and backdrops.  I didn’t get the light to fall exactly the way I wanted to but I tried to keep the skydome light falling in the same direction as the moon.  After I got done, I stared at the picture wondering who this woman was and what her story was.


I bought the Michael 5 pro bundle and this was the first Heroic character that I created.  I thought it was funny to put him in a preppy schoolboy uniform and give him a gun… in front of a creepy gate, with a shadowy figure in the window.  And then I was like… Hey.  There’s a story there somewhere.


Again, just throwing stuff together and experimenting.  No skydome on this one, just the Uberenvironment and an UberArea light.  I used something like Studio as the environment setup and upped the Saturation.  That gives the picture a reddish tinge.


And then this.  The foreground is Daz Uberenvironment but the background is a Bryce render of one of the stock night-time skies.  I used Gimp to put the two together.  If you render something in Daz without any background, it automatically makes that the alpha channel.  So you go into Gimp or Photoshop and you’ve immediately got a transparent layer.  You can put anything in there and it will show through.

Again, not a scene from a current story, but I love the way this looks and I’m considering writing a story based on it.


One Response to “A Few More Pieces”

  1. Another amazing group of pictures. Definitely good story material!
    Very cool that these transfer into Gimp, although Gimp has me befuddled right now.
    Truly, you have talent with this. 🙂

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