Artwork and Uberenvironment

Besides slaving away trying to get 500 words a day on Shadowhunter while I revise Balthazar, I’ve been experimenting more with the artwork stuff.  I love doing this.  And I’m figuring out how to use the Uberenvironment settings in Daz.  This is some amazing stuff and creates some extraordinary renders.  The pictures sometimes take a long time to generate but I think they’re worth it.

I’ve been concentrating recently on art for Gartan’s Book.  These are mainly just character sketches.


This is Prince Rimeak and the heroine of our story, Tuleh.  My first few attempts at Rimeak were comical at best.  And this is my eighth version of Tuleh.  The lighting here is just the HDR light with no spotlights or anything.  But it’s a light I bought as part of a collection of skydomes.

The bad guy of the story is Lord Gartan, who’s so bad the book is named after him.


The lighting here was one of the stock Uberenvironment setups with two spotlights added: the key light and the back light.  The Uberenvironment supplies the fill light.  EDIT:  Upon further review, I actually think this is an example of the old 3-point lighting technique.  I’ll have to go back and open up the save file and see how I lit this.

And finally the King and Queen, Rimeak’s mom and dad.


Again, lighting done by HDR.  No spots added or anything.  Unfortunately, I got some poke-through on his arm that I didn’t notice before I rendered.  Argh.

Now I’ve got to actually put this stuff together and create a better book cover.


2 Responses to “Artwork and Uberenvironment”

  1. These pictures are gorgeous, and, better yet, they make me really want to read your story! You really have a knack for this. 🙂
    I’m curious, how does Uberenvironment fit in with the DAZ software? Is it a separate package, or a feature that I haven’t discovered yet? (since I don’t have nearly the amount of time it takes to get up to speed on this … 😦 )

  2. thepencilneck Says:

    It’s built in.

    You have to go through Presets->Lights->Uberenvironment to find it. And then you’ve got to add the Uberenvironment to the scene AND THEN you’ve got to add the HDR to the Uberenvironment. There is also another directory for UberArea lights but I normally just use the ‘regular’ lights at this point.

    If I get a chance tomorrow, I’ll try to write up a mini-tutorial.

    The renders take MUCH longer but the quality of them is worth the wait.

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