20120417 – Status

The Queen of Balthazar:

This is in revision but I’ve discovered a whole bunch of missing scenes that need to be written.  In particular, in the first quarter of the book, I originally had my heroine being forced to take a train to her grandmother’s.  She tried to escape and ended up getting attacked by a giant mechanical spider that she blew up by luring it to a pot of gun powder that she set off.  But I cut that whole section and even the fact that there are TRAINS being used by the common folk of this world.  So now she’s taking a carriage from her school and she thinks she’s going back home to lead the resistance against the people who killed her father.  But instead, the Captain of her guard has decided she’s to be taken to her grandmother’s for safekeeping.  (She has issues with her grandmother.)  So I’m rewriting this whole section.

Yesterday, I wrote three scenes for 1760 words.  Today, I wrote 3.75 scenes for 3158 words.

My plan in the revision is to go ahead and write all the new material I need and then come back through and revise everything.

Shadowhunter’s Son:

While working on my revision, I’m supposed to keep forward momentum going on my current WIP by maintaining a 500 words/day pace.  My plan is to write during my lunch break and then revise later at night when I normally write.

I wrote 506 words yesterday and 438 words today.  But it was hard because I kept getting work interruptions.  So I got that 438 words in about 15 minutes and the 506 in about 20.

More explosions and gunfire and smoke and stuff as the Gypsy tries to get himself out of battle and also get the second set of armor to The Sheriff without damaging it too much.


2 Responses to “20120417 – Status”

  1. Those are some blockbuster word counts you’ve got going!
    And I’m amazed by how much the Queen of Balthazar has changed in revision. If I recall, the princess was traveling by spaceship in the first draft?
    Not that my first draft hasn’t gone through some massive growing pains as well …

  2. thepencilneck Says:

    I have read science fiction since about the 3rd grade. My degree is in Applied Mathematics and I love science. I know all the Science Fiction tricks for faster-than-light travel but… it felt wrong to use them. Space is just so huge and so vast and I wanted to tell a tale with Pirates. The problem with piracy in outer space is that there’s nowhere to really hide. Even if you turn off all your engines and sit dead still in space, there’s no way to hide the heat signature of the vehicle and become “invisible” to wait for people to show up.

    I considered creating Hyperspace jump zones that had different physics that would allow the pirates to hide there. But I just wasn’t feeling it.

    Then I realized that the story would work really nice as an Age of Sail/Steampunk story. So when Devon gave me a chance to take an existing story and rewrite it from scratch, I jumped at the chance.

    It was either that, a second installment in my Urban Fantasy series with my character Donn Purson, or a fantasy novel about a blind woman lost in time and the renegade knight who falls in love with her, or a medieval fantasy about three souls that get stuffed into the wrong bodies, or a … well… let’s just say, I had a lot of ideas to play with. Damn. I’ve got a lot of writing to do.

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