A Quick Status

So, I’m about 66000 words into Shadowhunter’s Son, a science fiction story about a guy just trying to get back home.  I’ve also started revising the Queen of Balthazar for Devon’s Year class.  I’ve got lots and lots of stuff to fix with that.  But I really love the story and the characters.

Yesterday, I was too tired to work on the revision (I didn’t trust myself), so I whipped up a couple of pictures.  Here they is!

Princess Alicia and the Traitor Queen Katarina

My protag and antag, the daughter (on the left) and the mother (on the right) both of whom plan on becoming the Queen of Balthazar.

And then Alicia’s Maid and Bodyguard.  (Although there’s more to the Maid than meets the eye.)  Oh, and a buckskin to please my wife.  Not sure this is the final face for Momo the Bodyguard.  That’s definitely not the right uniform.


5 Responses to “A Quick Status”

  1. Very cool pix! I love that you caught the expressions on the women’s faces in the Queen of Balthazar picture. So much conflict is evident between the mother and the daughter.
    I have a question though. Queen of Balthazar is a different story than Gartan’s Book, isn’t it? Is Gartan’s Book in the revision queue as well?
    I can’t wait to read more about how these stories are coming along. 🙂

  2. thepencilneck Says:

    Thanks, Kirsten!

    Gartan’s Book and The Queen of Balthazar are two different stories. Gartan’s Book has been through so many different rewrites and revisions, it’s crazy. I’ve learned a lot on that book.

    But since I’m in Devon Ellington’s class, I’ve had to write new stories instead of using my old ones. I was allowed to use the Queen of Balthazar because I was re-starting from scratch and throwing out everything else I’d written on it. It went from a Science Fiction story in the line of Honor Harrington to an Age of Sail/Steampunk novel. The characters are basically the same and some of the storyline is the same but a whole lot changed.

    So, with Devon’s Class, I wrote The Queen of Balthazar and a few odd short stories. Then I had to let TQOB rest for a couple of months while working on Book #2, The Shadowhunter’s Son. Now I’ve got to go through the revision of TQOB according to Devon’s process while maintaining a steady 500 words/day rate on Shadowhunter. As part of the class, we have to submit the books as well as the short stories. (I’ve gotten my first three rejections! yay.)

    I’ve also got two other books I wrote first drafts of in Kat Duncan’s 6-month course: “Kiss Me, I’m Irish” a dark, modern, urban fantasy about a slacker god rediscovering his heart and “The Farmer’s Boy” a pure Medieval type fantasy about the first half-ogre boy accepted into the human College of Magic.

    So, I’ve got a bunch of stuff in the revision queue: Gartan’s Book, Kiss me, Farmer’s Boy, and soon Shadowhunter’s Son. I’m dying to go back through Gartan’s Book because I think it’s special. After putting the book down as finished, I’ve realized that Farmer’s Boy is only half done.

  3. I absolutely refuse to play the role of a wicked queen! Oh, luckily I’ve got an additional H in my name — phoo.

    I am impressed with the pictures, and the story sounds like fun. Could you probably post a ling to the DAZ program soon? I think it might be useful for creating covers.

  4. thepencilneck Says:


    There are 3 major programs available for free there: Daz Studio 4, Bryce, and Hexagon.

    All of these pictures were made in Daz Studio 4. Daz is for modeling people and is similar to Poser.

    Bryce is a package that’s more suited for creating landscapes and things. But you can bring Daz characters and objects into Bryce. I’ve done that to create “big” pictures with mountains and trees and whatnot.

    Hexagon is a package that you can use to build and create new objects. But it takes some work to get used to this. When I first got the packages, I thought I would learn Hexagon and build all the stuff I needed for my pictures. But I decided I didn’t want to spend that much time and effort and take it away from my writing. So I’ve ended up buying stuff I need — and there’s a lot of stuff you need.

    Daz3d.com has a great store as a part of it. There’s also http://www.renderosity.com which is really more pre-disposed to Poser but has plenty of Daz products (and most Poser products can be used in Daz.) And finally, there’s http://www.sharecg.com which has a lot of FREE stuff. Renderosity has a bunch of free stuff, too.

    Both Daz Store and Renderosity have special “Platinum” or “Prime” memberships. On Daz, it’s really worth it because it reduces the price on a lot of things down to $1.99.

  5. Thanks a lot. I know Bryce, have worked with an earlier version. It has quite a learning curve but is fun to use. But the people looked so very artificial. 😉
    I’ll check out the DAZ Studio. Sounds like what I need for my YA SciFi.

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