Shadows and Daz

In my last post, Kirsten said something about the shadows and my pictures vs. hers.

The thing about Daz is that you’ve got to turn the shadows on.  The default setting for the light sources is that they don’t cast shadows.

Another thing is lighting.  To get a figure to pop, you have to hit it with at least 1 spot light.  But if you just stick a spotlight on it (with shadows enabled), you’ll get a harsh shadow effect that doesn’t help the character look 3D.

In photography, the first light (the main light source) is called the Key Light.  In outdoor photography, that’s the sun.  You can take pictures with just that key light but they won’t look as good.  Even outdoors. There are usually shadows that you don’t want or wish you could see into.

That’s where the second light comes in.  You want to add a second, less powerful light to just let you see into the shadows.  Normally this light is perpendicular to the key light and it’s called the Fill Light because it fills in the shadows.  This is similar to using a flash outdoors which can give you some much better pictures.

And then there’s the third light, the backlight.  As an effect, you can hit the main subject with a light from the back.  This gives it a subtle glow and makes it stand out from the background.

One problem from all these lights are the shadows they create.  And that’s where a 4th light frequently comes in.  You can add this 4th light on the background to remove some of the odd shadows.  But, in Daz, you can also turn those shadows off.  🙂

Unfortunately, I’m posting from my work computer so I can’t post any examples right now.  Let me know if you want to see some.


One Response to “Shadows and Daz”

  1. That is one powerful program. The level of control one gets over the image is incredible. I would love to see some examples!

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