The past few mo…

The past few months have been hellish at work.  I’ve been working 7 days a week and 10-14 hours a day.  And then I strained a hamstring and spent one weekend in a morphine and hydrocodone haze.

But I have been working steadily.  I’m about 45000 words through Shadowhunter’s Son.  And I’ve written about 4 short stories over the past couple of months.

AND, working on the short stories has re-awakened my songwriting.  

And of course there’s the artwork I’ve been working on for my stories…


That’s Dorethea, one of the protags of Shadowhunter’s son.  And then three of the antags…


I’m having way too much fun with this.  I’ve got too many hobbies now and not enough time.


3 Responses to “The past few mo…”

  1. These pictures are so cool! I especially love how the characters shadows loom above them–it gives me a hint that their stories might be of the darker variety.
    BTW, thanks for the heads up on the DAZ software. I got the free download and had a lot of fun with it. Have you purchased any of the costume and character modules? Because your results are amazing, and I can’t seem to get anything close to what you have! 🙂 You are quite good at these!

    Good luck with getting through this tough time at work. If you can get through this and keep writing, once things get back to normal keeping up should be a cinch.
    Hang in there!

  2. thepencilneck Says:

    Thank you very much. I showed some pictures to my wife and she wasn’t understanding the point of it at all. She was looking at the people and then commenting on whether they were attractive or not instead of looking at it as characters in a book.

    I’ve actually spent a lot of money on this but these particular pictures don’t reflect THAT much of what I’ve spent. I knew I was going to go overboard so I paid for a Platinum membership for a year. A friend of mine suggested it to me and it was very good advice; it makes most things cheaper and a LOT of stuff drops to $1.99.

    The backdrop in both of these pictures is Westpark Basement. It cost $1.99 for Westpark and then another $1.99 for the Basement. the gun she’s holding is part of the Dystopia Kruger gun which is free, I think.

    Dorethea (in the first picture) is the most expensive. IIRC, she’s based off the Victoria 5 character (which cost about $15.00) along with some extra bodybuilder body morphs that you can’t really see (which cost another ~$10.00). She’s wearing a Nanosuit (~$15.00) with a special War texture on it (~$5.00). I had a huge problem finding the right hair for her. This is Mario’s Hair that I bought during a FastGrab for $5.00. The smoke coming out of the gun was a free Brush that I applied using GIMP (a free version of something like Photoshop.)

    In the second picture, the Priest is wearing the Royal Elf garb ($1.99) and a Michael 3 beard ($1.99) with the Niara skin ($8.00). Dallas Kohn, the blond guy, uses Nicole’s skin ($8.00), Duke hair (free), and the base Nanosuit (~$15.00). Lee Enfield is the base Male (free) with Flat Top hair (free from ShareCG, iirc) and is wearing the Nanosuit (~$15.00).

    I bought the Nanosuit knowing I’d get a lot of use out of it because I’d already described a suit very similar to that in the books.

    If you scrounge around on Renderosity and ShareCG, you can find a lot of useful stuff for free. I also subscribe to FastGrab on the Daz site and they’ve got lots of times where they offer stuff for half off and sometimes even more (sometimes less.) I’ve ended up buying a bunch of stuff I didn’t expect because I couldn’t pass up the deal for it.

    But I’m also working on learning Hexagon and Bryce to be able to model my Space Station interiors and things. I’ll post some more pictures tonight.

  3. Okay, that makes sense to me now.
    I think I can see how your wife might not be able to understand how the pictures connect to the characters, since we as writers already know pretty much how these people look. Getting them onto the screen is wonderfully exciting–and I can see, somewhat addictive! 😉

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