I’ve been slammed at work since December and I will continue to be slammed up until April or May.

But I finished The Queen of Balthazar and I’ve begun on Shadowhunter’s Son, a pure science fiction story about an Earth-less future with a man stranded in an outpost right before all hell breaks loose.  I’m about 30,000 words into it.  The story has just been writing itself.  I’m averaging about 1000 words per hour when I write it.

BUT in a class I’m in, I needed to start looking at creating a website.  I decided to slap something together but it’s not the standard author’s website.  I can’t provide a link to it, yet, because it’s got graphics that aren’t properly licensed and the format I came up with needs lots and lots of graphics to work right.  And here’s the rub.  I created a mock book cover using stock photos.  PJ Friel, bless her, told me it suxored and she re-did it and it was AWESOME.

But she made the mistake of telling me she used Poser and gave me a link to Daz3D (a FREE version of a posing system like Poser.)  OMG.  I am freaking out here.  I downloaded it and I’m making mock-ups of all my characters in all my books.  I’m formatting scenes and things.  It’s amazing.

Here’s one of my first attempts at a book cover for Shadowhunter’s Son.

It’s nowhere near professional quality or anything but I’m LOVING this.



5 Responses to “Doomed”

  1. Glad to hear you are still writing. My suggestion is to get the completed stories copyedited, and put on Amazon and Smashwords. You will earn income while writing the next story, and as the numbers grow, the publishers will come calling. Good luck with the next story. 🙂

    Thanks for the tip on DAZ3D. I downloaded the free version. Now to play! 🙂

  2. Downloaded, registered, and played. No body (figure) would appear, so unable to add face, hair, etc. Read the instructions again, and followed the steps. Still wouldn’t work, so, uninstalled. It could be something to do with living outside USA.

    Honestly, it is quicker to draw using pencil and paper, colour using pencils, water paints or even oil paints, then scan in. So, I was not impressed with the trial program, but I am still impressed with your attempts. Keep going. 🙂

  3. thepencilneck Says:

    Wow, Diane, that’s weird. I downloaded it, installed it, and it came right up with a figure and everything.

    BUT… because I’m on an old and feeble laptop with almost no memory or processing power to speak of, I can’t create very complex scenes. If I get more than two figures in a scene, it starts messing up really bad.

    Are you on an old computer?

    AND… when I say finished, I mean first draft finished not finished finished. 🙂

    I’m going through a class now and we’re going through the whole process together from step one to the end. I’ve written and sent out a few short stories and part of the class is about building the website and sending the novels out to publishers. It’s been very cool and informative so far.

  4. On, not old, exactly. I have an Acer Travelmate laptop, that has much more memory and storage then my server. I do run Windows XP, and MS Office 2003, because the updates have too many problems.

    Everything else I install works first time after installation. I could try to install again, but just thought it worked like that for force me to purchase the latest version. 🙂 I could try installing the exe again, later today.

    Will check out your website when you advise it is completed. 🙂

  5. Thanks for the tip on the Daz3D. I’m downloading it right now, and have my fingers crossed that it works for me.
    It’s good to see you’re going strong! Work is good because it pays the bills, but of course, it’s too bad that the writing can’t do that for us.
    Maybe someday…
    I’m excited to see the website and the new book cover!

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