1/1/12 Status and Stuff

As of tonight I’m sitting at 137953 words in “The Queen of Balthazar.”  I’ve got 24 scenes left.  So far in this book, my scenes are averaging about 1300 words.  That leaves about 31,200 words and if I write 1600 words a day, I should wrap everything up the 20th-21st.  Which is good because if I don’t finish this draft by the 31st, I get kicked out of the class I’m in.  OTOH, as I approach the end of the book, my scenes get shorter and punchier so I could be done even quicker.

I’ll be submitting my two short stories tomorrow: one to Flash Fiction Online, and the other to either Analog or Clarkesworld.

Savvy has two classes I’d LOVE to take:  Edit Like A Pro with Liz Pelletier and Editing The Heck out of Things with Beth Daniels.  Liz’s workshop is 3 month intensive with webinars and all sorts of things. Beth’s is only a 1 month intensive course.  But I’ve got too much time invested with Devon’s year long class and there are way too many assignments in Devon’s class to have any time left over for much of anything else.

So, no editing courses for me.  Not yet, at any rate.  🙂

And, besides, we’re going to be planning and beginning on our next novel in February and then I think revising our January novel shortly after that.


One Response to “1/1/12 Status and Stuff”

  1. Isn’t that how it always seems to be? Too many things to learn, not enough time!
    Sounds like you’re making awesome progress. 🙂

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