And another one bites the dust…

Ahhhh… I’ve written 52407 words this month and I have finished the rough draft of Kiss Me, I’m Irish!

Tonight was just a bit of touching up.  A couple of quick scenes at the end and I went back and wrote a scene I needed earlier on.

So now I’ve got:

Lord Gartan’s Book — This has been rewritten 3-4 times and revised once.  After going through all the workshops, I think I need to change my starting point and there are some sections I know could be stronger.  I love this book, though. 

The Farmer’s Boy — This book is actually from the same 1st rough draft that Lord Gartan’s Book originated from.  I had two separate stories in that original book and I pulled them apart.  And know I’ve written them both.  Actually, there’s a little white lie in there.  There’s actually a THIRD story that was in that original story and I’m thinking about writing it.  I had intended this to be a stand alone book but its turned into the first book of a trilogy.  It ends on a cliff hanger that leads to the second book.  Over the past 3 months, I spent 103 hours writing this.

Kiss Me, I’m Irish — This book grew out of an exercise in a Scene & Setting workshop with Devon Ellington where I was supposed to write something in 1st person.  It is a weird comedic thing that’s a bit surreal.  It’s like a mash-up of American Gods, The Stainless Steel Rat, and Dresden Files although I was actually thinking of Remo Williams and the Destroyer series.  It was a joy to write.  I normally write at about 700 words per hour.  In most of the scenes I wrote for this, I was over 1,000 words per hour.  It still took me 113 hours to write.  This book could easily be the first book of a loosely coupled series where each book is a stand-alone novel.

So.  Now.  Time to whip these puppies into shape and in September, I start a 1 year intensive course with Devon Ellington.

I’m hoping that she’ll let me return to the Princess storyline but I think she wants people to go through her process and not work on previously existing ideas.  And I’m cool with that.  I’ve got lots of ideas for new stories.  (Knock on wood.)


One Response to “And another one bites the dust…”

  1. This is fantastic! You have an incredible amount written and I hope you’ll revise and publish. You seem to be one of those lucky ones with an abundance of ideas. Good luck!

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