Again with the CorticoSteroids

My normal writing process on the weekends is to get an extra hour or two in during the day and then get my usual 3-4 hours at night after my wife goes to bed.  Well, tonight, the corticosteroids were messing with her sleep schedule.  She went to bed about 2.5 hours after she normally does.  And I wasn’t writing because I was waiting to put her to bed.

We’ve been together now for 25 years.  She cannot go to bed and go to sleep.  She has to fall asleep in a chair or on a couch watching TV.  Then my job is to get her up, walk her downstairs, and put her to bed.  When we were dating, I’d call her up and tell her to go to bed.  So I kept expecting her to slip off and she just wasn’t having it.  Which isn’t good because she’s got to get up really early tomorrow to go riding and to check on our one-eyed horse who’s at the vet with a problem with his good eye.

Anyway, I was planning on getting a good 5 hours of writing today and ended up only getting 2.75 hours.

I’ve got the interrogation sketched out and mostly written. 

2548 words.

And of course, the ending of the story is starting to develop a bit differently than planned.


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