Getting Close to “Finito!”

The Farmer’s Boy, a high fantasy novel about a half-ogre trying to win acceptance as the first half-breed mage, is now 80570 words down.  I wrote 3095 words tonight.

I’ve written 31807 words so far this month.

The corticosteroid shot really messed up my sleep last night.  Corticosteroids always do that to me.  I was tempted to get up and write some more.  But I was supposed to get up early because we had some people coming over.  Luckily for me, they begged off because they’ d had a rough night with their three year old having a bad stomach all night.  

But I’ve been so fuzzy from this illness for several days now, it’s really cramping my words per hour pace.  Hopefully, I can get clear pretty soon.

Anyway, I’ve finished the main story line of The Farmer’s Boy.  I was tempted to just stamp FINISHED on this rough draft and concentrating on my other book now.  But I’ve decided to go ahead and finish up some subplots that I’d left incomplete.  I’ve got like 4-5 more scenes to knock out and I’m done with this one.


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