So. Hi. Status report.

The past couple of months, I’ve been really busy.  I’ve taken a bunch of workshops over at Savvy Authors.  I’ve learned a ton.

I’ve also taken part in their May and June Bootcamp Hells.  May was Writing Hell and June was Revision Hell.  Of course, me being me, I ended up spending most of May revising and most of June Writing new words.  These ahve easily been the most productive two months of my writing life so far.

In May, I wrote 27120 new words and I revised 223 pages.  Most of all of that was on Gartan’s Book.  But one of my classes over on Savvy is a 6 month course where you’re supposed to come up with a story idea and then write it.  Of couse, I opened my mouth and said I could do 2 books in that period.

So I spent all of May revising Gartan’s Book and plotting two novels.  The first is a High Fantasy novel called The Farmer’s Boy about a half-breed (half human/half ogre) who becomes the first of his kind accepted into the College of Mages and his discovery of dark forbidden magics being experimented with by his master.   The second is an Urban Fantasy that grew out of a workshop on how to work scene and setting into your novel as a character.  The book is like a weird mash-up of Gaiman’s American Gods and Butcher’s Dresden Files.  It’s the story of an under-achieving god who’s been re-orged from his dream job torturing people in Hell (aka The Punishment Department)  and now he’s supposed to be  separating the wicked from the good and protecting supernatural entities from humans and vice versa.  And he’s not happy about this job change.  The name of the story is Kiss Me, I’m Irish.  (Donn was the god of the dead of Ireland.)

In June, I wrote.  I wrote a lot.  I wrote 82392 words and edited 18 pages, and spent 110 hours doing it.

I’ve finished this pass of Gartan’s Book’s revision and ended up at just over 90,000 words.  I’ve also got over 30,000 words written for both the other books.

My goal is to write 2100 words per day and devote three hours per night to writing.  I average about 747 words per hour , so I should be able to hit that.

Today, I wrote 2354 words and spent 4 hours writing.  I wrote the last scene of Gartan’s Book today and it took me a while to get that down on paper.  I also finished one scene where Erishkigal and Inanna sic Artemis on Donn’s trail and outlined a second scene where Donn’s bosses are trying to figure out what he’s doing and assign someone to track him down and reel him in.

Anyway, I hope everyone’s well and writing good stuff!


One Response to “So. Hi. Status report.”

  1. Didn’t know about Savvy Writer’s blog and their workshops. Thanks for putting that info down!

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