Gartan’s Book – 4/16/11

Didn’t do much yesterday; we picked up a friend from the airport and their flight got delayed and it basically trashed the entire night.   Today, I finished up revision on the scene I was working on and began trying to map out what’s goign to happen in the next scene.

BUT.  About a week ago, I saw a post by Cat Gerlach on the HTTS forum mentioning a workshop on Savvy Authors and I joined SA.  I immediately enrolled in a workshop on Setting.

Holly’s always talking about how Setting should be another character in the book and frankly, I don’t think I’ve ever written anything closely tied to the setting so this should be good.  Today I wrote up an assignment for that workshop.  And I already started to incorporate some of the techniques/thoughts from that into what I’m planning for this next scene.  I cna already see what I need to improve… I think.

I also attended a webinar on how to use the SA website and its tools.  It’s got some cool stuff on it.

To be able to use the Dungeon, I created a new cover for Gartan’s Book.  It’s not as good as the old one BUT I know that the graphics I made it from are public domain so there’s no copyright infringement.  I tried to add the image here but apparently, I’m technically impaired.  At least I put it up over on the RHS of the page.

And if that’s not enough, I joined up with an auto critiquer that I discovered via StumbleUpon:


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