Gartan’s Book – 4/13/11

Knocked a scene down tonight.  Netted 116 words.  Also added a few words to the scene last night so that things meshed together better.

The protag wakes up at the bottom of her stairs with the morning sun streaming in through her open door.  She’s got two guards with her.  She hears the sound of fighting upstairs and feels her web spell break.  She tries to convince them to let her go up there.  She watches as the mage runs down and the King falls at the top of the stairs.  Her husband, possessed by demons, jumps on his father’s back.  The mage casts a spell and plucks her husband and his father, the king, up off the stairs and throws them outside into the sunlight.  The protag tries to stop the mage but he’s too big.  She runs outside and watches as her husband’s body catches fire and burns to a crisp as he tries to crawl back to her.

I was able to save almost all of this scene.  I just had to make some tweaks here and there.


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