Gartan’s Book – 4/12/11

It’s been a crazy few days.  On Saturday, we had a reception for our niece at our house.  We had about 90 people or so.   So there were a couple of days when I didn’t revise anything.  Yesterday I started revising a scene but I didn’t like what I was getting.  Today I went through and revised it and got something I liked.  I netted 407 words.

The King and his men search for his son.  And they find him.  A mage suggests that they kill him because he’s possessed and incurable.  But the King says that the protag caused his son to be this way and they would find a way to make her cure him.  So they cut him loose and… well… the son kicked their booties and killed several of them.  The mage is able to drive him outside into the morning sun, where he dies.

This took a lot of delicate writing because in the first version of this, the King (was a Count) wasn’t the protag’s husband’s father.  Because of that change, the King’s motivation was subtly different.  In the original, the King acquiesed pretty easily to them killing the protag’s husband, but in this one, that wasn’t an option.  He had to try to save his son.


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