Gartan’s Book – 4/3/11

Revised two scenes.  Netted 188 and 111 words respectively.

Scene 1:  The protag’s husband is reading, trying to keep from going to bed until he knows the protag is asleep because he’s angry with her.  And a breeze wakes him.  Somehow a window is open.  He closes it.  He notices the antag is in the room.  There’s a short conversation and he asks the antag to leave.  The antag refuses.  The protag’s husband tries to fight.

Scene 2:  The protag wakes up.  She’s sure something is wrong but not sure what.  Her magical wards all appear to be in place although a couple appear to be tampered with.  She goes to wake her husband but he’s not in bed.  She hears a scream.  Summoning her magic, she rushes down the hall to her son’s room.  Her husband is bent over him and she’s afraid to ask what’s wrong.  Her husband turns and her son’s throat has been ripped out and his blood is all over her husband’s mouth and chin.  Her husband growls and prepares to strike.

These scenes remained largely intact from the first version except that the way they worked was a bit different.  The original Scene 1 had the hubby sleeping in another bedroom because of the falling out with his wife.  And the antag came in the night and attacked him.  THEN the hubby remained undisturbed and basically dead/undead until the following afternoon.

The original Scene 2, the protag had come back from talking to a man about leaving for home and her son had gone up to see if his father was up, yet.  Then she heard the screams and ran upstairs.

This version has more of a pow-pow intensity than the original where the hubby was dead but it wasn’t until a book day later that you found out that he was undead.

I also downloaded the second week of HTWAS and started going through it.  I don’t like Holly at the blackboard as much.  I preferred the way she had the movies in the first week.  I’ve still got a lot of stuff to go through, though.


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