Gartan’s Book – 4/2/11

I wrote a new scene, 1663 words. This doesn’t include 263 words that I took from the last scene to start this scene. Now that old scene starts with the Thief, who’s a newly turned vampire who doesn’t know what he is, walking happily out of the temple into the sunlight thinking that he’s made a clean getaway.

SCENE: The Thief, hurting from the sunlight that he unwittingly walked into, retreats back into the temple. There’s a big stir because they’ve found the body of the priest that he killed. They order all the doors closed. The head priest points out the Thief to two other priests and the three of them corral him. But the Thief is having his own problems. From the pain, and the smell of the people, and the stress of everything, he can’t keep control of himself and the Demon takes over. He kills a couple of people and uses the body of one priest as a weapon against the head priest who’s casting a spell that’s ensnaring him. And he’s about to kill the head priest when a crying little girl that he’d helped earlier gets between him and the head priest… and that allows the Thief to regain control. Realizing that the sun was the problem, he runs away to the east where the buildings create shadows as the sun dips behind the horizon.

Maybe it’s just that post writing euphoria but I really like how this scene turned out and I’m kinda ticked off at myself that I took the easy way out when I previously worked on this section of the book.


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