Gartan’s Book – 4/1/11

I didn’t actually WRITE anything today.  I mapped out the next scene that I need to write.  The scene where the Thief goes nuts in the temple and slays people.  The outline of the scene was almost 1000 words.

In the Weekend Novelist book, there’s a technique called “Writing Down The Page.”  What you do is just write what happens in the scene that you’re about to write as short sentences, images, feelings, some dialogue.  It’s like drawing a rough sketch and being able to erase things and move things around and compose the scene before actually painting it.  And that’s what I did on the 1st.

While doing this, I got some ideas of a few things that needed to be woven into the previous scene and I took care of those things real quick.  Just a few words.  Didn’t count.


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