Gartan’s Book – 3/31/11

Revised one scene.  I really didn’t think I was going to get through it.  Ended up with a net of 321 words.

The Thief, who goes through a painful process of healing after drinking the priest’s blood, takes the priest’s robes and sneaks out through the busy temple.  He dodges the head priest who wants to know who he is and strides out the door.  Into the sun.  And realizes that this isn’t a good idea because the sun HURTS.  He’s got to find another way out but the hunger is back.  And he’s surrounded by food.

This is another scene that I’ve written multiple times in different versions of the story.  In this one, the temple is much more primitive.  It’s not the shining clean cathedral of previous versions but rather a dirty smoky room where parishioners are sacrificing chickens and burning messages to the gods with their wishes and hopes.

I also realized that I don’t have a scene of him actually getting out of here so I’ve got to add at least one more scene here getting him out.  And I’m thinking about making this a lot more messy with him losing control and going on a rampage.  I’ve realized that I’ve allowed him to fight off the blood lust far too easily in my previous versions.  People must die.  And it must be bloody.


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