Holly’s Courses

OK.  This is not meant to be an advertisement but I’ve learned a TON about writing and improved my ability to write because of Holly Lisle’s courses.

Her Culture and Language workshops were great for worldbuilding (more on worldbuilding in another post.)  Her character, plot, and scene workshops opened my eyes.

I’ve taken her How To Thing Sideways course and her How To Revise Your Novel course and right now, I’ve just started her How To Write A Series course.  Each course builds on the previous course.  The HTTS contains some sections on scene building and plot building that extend those workshops and actually bring those workshops into a clearer focus.  And I learned things in HTRYN that I wish I’d known when I was writing the novel, things I think will make my first drafts infinitely better in the future.

I hesitated to take HTWAS because of her very persuasive lesson on why you don’t want to write a series.  I was thoroughly convinced.  BUT.  Gartan’s Book could easily be seen as the first book in a trilogy even though I’ve planned it as a stand-alone book.  And the more I work on The Queen of Balthazar aka The Princess, the more I realize that it’s not going to fit in one book.

So I decided to take HTWAS.  It’s supposed to be a 4 week course and so far, I’ve only received the material for the first week.  OMG.  This is some great stuff.  Even though this is supposed to be for series, a lot of this stuff applies to stand alone books.  Like HTRYN and HTTS before it, this builds on everything else she’s presented before.  I’ve been hard-pressed to continue work on revising Gartan’s Book because I’m dying to step back and map out the Princess’s story and work on the HTWAS stuff.


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