Gartan’s Book – 3/30/11

I’m going to start posting my status over here again as well as on WABWM.

I got two scenes revised tonight. I netted 100 and 217 words respectively.

The Thief wakes up in pain covered with something. He ends up digging himself out of a shallow grave. Something… everything is wrong. He drags himself to the adjacent temple and when a priest comes in, the Thief can’t control himself and he feeds on the priest.

The butler walks into one of the sitting rooms and finds his master, the antag, huddling beneath a pile of blankets. He gives his master the book that the protag’s husband had returned but the antag looks at it and throws it into the fire. It was a fake.

I’ve written that first scene about 10 times over the years and different versions of this story. This one is, I think, the creepiest of the lot. Every other time, he’s woken up in a morgue; waking up in a grave is a lot weirder. A lot of rewriting on that scene. The second scene worked a lot different than the earlier version because in this version, the butler isn’t a vampire, too. But I was able to salvage most of the words.


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