Gartan’s Book – 1/13/11

1 Scene processed, the 14th processed so far.  85 to go.

I haven’t been putting my progress in here.  I finished typing in the book and I’ve gone on to do a variation of the HTRYN process on the result.  I’m not following the HTRYN exactly as Holly laid it out.  As she suggested, I’m starting big picture and working my way down.  Although I am identifying items, characters, stages, wallpaper, etc., I’m doing all of that on 1 read through and I’m not generating weights for everything, yet.  I’m going to hold off on that sort of thing until I do some character and storyline smooshing and scene chopping.  I’ll identify any scenes that need to be added and then after I add them, that’s when I try to get the weights to work out properly as I get more detailed and start working on the scenes themselves.  I’m trying to get this process to go hand-in-hand with Scrivener.

I’m also trying to sharpen the cultures of the peoples in the book.  I’m allowing myself to spend some time just researching various things at this point to get ideas to make the story richer.

The past couple of weeks have been kinda sad.  We had to put down our little white 16 year old Grandma kitty.  She had a tumor in her abdomen and had dropped almost half of her bodyweight in about a month.  Dementia was starting to set in.  When the vet injected the anesthetic, she just… expired.  They didn’t even have to give her the shots to stop her heart (although they did just to make sure.)  It was very sad.

Even worse than that, we found out that Uncle Stanley (a man I consider the most interesting man in the world) has stage 3 lung cancer.  We drove down to Gatesville to visit with him and Aunt Katie.   They live in a retirement community now.  Uncle Stanley is 85.  He grew up on the Cherokee reservation, served as a Marine in the Pacific Theater in WWII, in the Army as a sniper in the Korean War, and was a Naval Reservist in the 60’s and 70’s (and I think he did intelligence work although he can’t say anything about it); at the same time, he worked at the University of Texas in the Physics Labs.  Besides being a third author on several high energy physics papers, he’s also published papers on the Pacific Theater in several military history journals.  He still builds computers and operates HAM radios.  He used to grow his own grapes and make his own wine in Kerrville.  I can sit and talk to him for hours on end.  The world will be a poorer place without him in it.


4 Responses to “Gartan’s Book – 1/13/11”

  1. My condolences. Write down everything you remember as dot points now, and it will help you in the future remember all the stories he has told you over the years.

    One suggestion for your novel that I found really helpful was doing the conflict tracker steps. It showed me each scene that could be dropped in the subplots and where more scenes were needed to keep the main story moving smoothly.

    Good luck with your revision.

  2. I am so sorry about your Grandma kitty and specially your Uncle Stanley. You’ve had such a hard winter. Your ability to keep going just impresses the hell out of me.

    Keep us up with your revision process. I am interested to see how it goes. TX

  3. I’m so sorry to hear about your losses, TPN. Sadly loss is part of life.

    Hang on in there with your revision. You’ve worked enormously hard on your book and have been generous sharing you’ve learned on the forum. Best wishes for your current revision!

  4. thepencilneck Says:

    Thanks, gang.

    I appreciate all the kind words.

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