The Queen of Balthazar – 11/27/10

1797 words.  2 complete scenes and 1 partial.

1:  The Princess’ most trusted Captain gets grief from the Duke who was expecting the Princess herself to join his rebel assault group and he was expecting more ships.  The Captain had to defend himself and the Princess’ honor and get the rag-tag group of captains and nobles concentrated on the task at hand: attacking a larger, stronger, more experienced force at the Crimson Moon.

2:  Disguised as merchants, The Princess and her “convoy” are directed to an orbit around the Crimson Moon.  There are more Imperial ships there than she had planned and her communications specialist picks up chatter that the Impies are about to attack a rebel stronghold on the surface of the moon.

3:  The Governor gives orders to the troopers about to attack the rebel forces.  And then he gets notification of an attack by pirates on an undefended convoy.

It was still hard to force myself to write.  I’ve got a cold or something but I’ve got to get to 50,000 and I’m sitting at 47832.


One Response to “The Queen of Balthazar – 11/27/10”

  1. A tip of the Resistol to ya for sticking with it despite the rain.

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